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Will Home Decor Ideas Ever Rule The World?

Will Home Decor Ideas Ever Rule The World?


Digital technologies are going to have an important effect on the way we decorate the house, impacting both our choices and lifestyles. In 2022, home design trends will revolve around the recapture of spaces formerly tailored for working from home, renewed interest in bringing the natural world inside, and the push for buying and decorating with greater awareness. 

Before getting to 2022s biggest interior design trends, there is really no set hard rule for how you should decorate your home - aside from doing what makes you happy and resonates with your design style. To help give you a little perspective on what is coming to the world of home decor this year, we asked four interior designers for their thoughts on what trends they believe will be dominant in 2022. Read on to find out more predictions about trends in home decor and home styling, including trends for kitchen designs, furniture, living rooms, colors, and spring 2022 decorating trends. 

Ripple into expressive maximalism, and cultivate a sense of natural connectedness, 2022 home decor trends embrace renewed energy and spirit. In addition to a minimal color palette that includes ashy grays and whites, which has been a perennial favorite, new year 2021 will see a greater amount of earthy tones such as soft pinks or reds, soft greens, and contemporary grays dominating home decor trends. Adding dimension to your living room is essential: Incorporating warm colors, saturated textures and softness is essential to this feeling of comfort and normalcy, particularly as we head into a new year with a pandemic still raging, says Alex Gibson, founder of Sien+Co, home decor and textiles brand. 

Sometimes, it seems that the more decor you add to your home, the more refined it becomes. It can be really tempting to decorate a house according to what you feel would appeal to others. 

One of the most important things to remember when decorating is that your home is about you. For decades, men have created the most beautiful spaces in the world, and it is time that you made yours one of them. Sometimes, house decorations have, sometimes, no practical purpose, but since they are meant for us, that is why we chose them, they help make our surroundings a little bit more relaxing. 

Ultimately, the owners of the house should keep in mind that good designs will never go out of style, they need to select the decor for the house keeping in mind this main principle. Homeowners should expect to shop around to find an affordable version of any decor that they have seen in design magazines. Whether you live with them or you are completely untouched, everything designed for our homes is affected by larger trends. 

As an interior designer, I am looking forward to the year because the trends of design filling our homes are always changing, says Jules Upton, an interior designer at Oval Interiors, who works with the development company North Sands. Completing a look and making a house feel like home, pots will become a WOW factor item in 2022 thanks to innovation in materials and unique designs emerging, says Milc Interiors, a specialist in interior design. One of the biggest trends that we can expect to see in the year is the use of dried flowers for decorating a house, explains Jule.


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