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Tips for Designing a Beautiful Small Bathroom

30 Best Small Bathroom Ideas
30 Best Small Bathroom Ideas


Tips for Designing a Beautiful Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can present unique design challenges, but they also offer the unique opportunity to choose every feature and create a functional and stylish space in a small footprint. Homeowners can easily infuse a stylish design that suits their tastes with these tips for designing a beautiful small bathroom.



When designing a small bathroom, it helps to start with the layout. To make the most of the limited area, homeowners should focus on multi-functional designs that use vertical space. Think about locating consoles beneath the sink, adding towel rods at convenient heights, or opting for a cantilever vanity. Maximizing wall coverage and using built-in storage solutions allows homeowners to get the most out of their small space.


Tile is the ideal choice for small bathrooms as its easy to clean and adds texture to the walls. Use tile to add style, texture, and color while keeping your walls smooth and water-resistant. Dark-colored grout is an excellent option for making a bold statement and light tiles can make the small space appear to be bigger. Additionally, subway tiles are becoming an incredibly popular choice for small bathrooms.


To give your bathroom a spacious feel, you should focus on bringing in natural light through windows and skylights. Adding mirrors and reflective surfaces can also open up the room. Utilizing task lighting for activities such as shaving or grooming is also key. Additionally, approaching lighting from an ambient and accent standpoint will allow you to infuse the necessary elements without overwhelming the room.


Vanity options should be tailored to the individual’s needs. When choosing vanities and sinks, it's important to consider how much counter space and cabinets the family needs. Making sure the vanity top is level with the countertop allows the overall look to be minimalistic and modern. Wall-mounted and floating styles can help create the illusion of more space. Selecting a spot beneath an existing window allows natural light to reflect onto your face, too.

Bath Tub

Fit a bathtub in a small bathroom area can be tricky, if possible at all. Standard bathtub sizes are typically 5' to 6' feet long, and any shapes other than oblong or rectangular leaves even less room. Clawfoot bathtubs have been a popular choice for this reason, as they come in different shapes and sizes and add a touch of vintage style to the bathroom. Alternatively, ‘shower baths’ are designed to take up less floor space and come with retractable glass screens. A shower cubicle is another great option that takes up less room and offers a standing showering experience.

Plumbing Fixtures

Choosing the right plumbing fixtures is essential for designing a beautiful small bathroom. Selecting sleek, modern fixtures and avoiding large bulky items is key. Wall-mounted faucets can free up valuable counter space and prevent crowding. Faucets that are mounted on the sink's wall directly behind the sink basin serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Low-flow toilets and showerheads can help you save money on utilities and maximize your bathroom’s efficiency.


Attention to detail is essential when it comes to bath hardware. Selecting interesting shower curtain rings, knobs, pulls, and handles can have a big impact on the design of your bathroom. Instead of sticking with bright chrome and steel, look for accessories and fixtures made of ceramic, glass, copper, and brass. Using a few metallic accents gives your bathroom a modern edge and adds texture.


Color can have a big impact in a small bathroom. Although neutral colors are a popular choice for small bathrooms, using bold and vibrant tones can make the space pop. Darker accent pieces, such as a deep navy, grey, or black, add depth and contrast to a light color scheme and make the design stand out. Alternatively, cool colors like blues and greens will make the room feel more spacious and airy.

Window Treatments

Using window treatments that will bring natural light into the room and give the illusion of height to the small space is key. Roman shades, roller shades, and light sheers are all good options. Depending on the desired result, homeowners can opt for blackout shades, room darkening shades, or insulating shades. Additionally, window frames can be used to tie in the interior palette's metal accents.


Utilizing every inch of space is crucial in a small bathroom. Don't scrimp on pleasant touches; choose larger caddies and baskets to store essentials while freeing up storage below the sink. Aquire extra storage space by looking high—place shelves between the studs and the ceiling, or recessed sections between the studs of the wall. Like wallpaper, wall stickers can be used to make spice up boring walls and give additional storage space. Whenever possible, opt for storage-heavy pieces with streamlined designs for a neat and chic effect.


Adding personal touches can help make the bathroom feel special. Plants can add texture and a homey feel, and a collection of tradable trinkets can make the room look expensive. Decorative items such as artwork, family photographs, and sculptures can give your bathroom some personality and will make it feel like a proper in-home oasis. Lastly, consider containers or baskets for towels and toiletries to keep the area uncluttered. By following these tips, homeowners can create a stylish, elegant, and efficient bathroom in a small space. With added experimentation of colors, textures, and furniture, small bathrooms can become efficient and sophisticated spaces to be enjoyed.
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Bathroom Design on a Small Budget

Are you looking for ways to design a stunning and welcoming bathroom, while staying on a small budget? Redecorating your bathroom is probably the most overlooked room in terms of renovation and design. It’s probably because because majority of the time you’re not actually spending much time there; at least, not when compared with other rooms in your home. With the right touch, a small bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious oasis doing some small yet effective changes. Here are five great tips on how to design and decorate a small bathroom on a budget.

1. Making use of the Natural Light

A bright and airy bathroom can make the small space feel much larger. So, one of the best ways to design a smaller bathroom is to embrace natural light. Ridding your bathroom of dark window treatments or thick curtains can help let more light in. Open the windows during the day and add some plants that can thrive in brighter conditions. Mirrors can also be changed so they reflect more light making the walls appear much bigger.

2. Incorporating Drama with Bold Furnishings

It is true that bathroom elements such as vanity cabinets, tubs, and showers take up the most visual space. It doesn’t mean it has to be dull. A beautiful vanity in an unexpected shade, like navy blue or cobalt or even black can really liven up your bathroom’s atmosphere; the same goes for choosing colourful walls and tiles.

3. Minimizing Artwork and Decor

The key to successful bathroom decoration is to eliminate clutter. Decluttering your bathroom means keeping surfaces and shelves uncluttered by taking away bulky frames and photos and out-dated objects. This may prove difficult if you live in a cramped space – so opt for some dramatic wallpapers and quirky fixtures instead, like this quirky monkey shower head.

4. Upgrading the Finishes

You can make a huge impact in a small bathroom simply by upgrading your finishes. Switching out your old and worn-out hardware such as drawer pulls, doorknobs, switch plates, handles and faucets can make a major difference and add sparkle to the bathroom. Instead of replacing all the sinks and cabinets, removing the outdated ones and replacing them with new simple and modern hardware will make it look like a brand new space.

5. Adding Accessories and Storage Solutions

Adding some of the bathroom shelves and storage baskets is also a good way to enhance the appearance of your bath and organize your bath items. This helps keep everything within reach, and it also adds a decorative touch to the room. Even the tiniest accessories and trinkets can be used to craft something spectacular and functional. Vintage accessories can also be displayed for a stunning effect. Designing a bathroom that radiates warmth and comfort is no longer a lie. Follow these five simple steps and get creative with your ideas to make your bathroom look like a million bucks without draining your bank account. Depending on your own sensibilities, you might just end up creating a bathroom that looks and feels as luxurious as any other.
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32 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Decorations for 2017

Bathroom Design for Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it saves you time cleaning and maintenance but on the other hand, it may feel cramped and lack aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, with a few remodeling and design tips, you can make your small bathroom look larger and spruce it up with modern features. One of the best ways to maximize space is by using custom built-in shelves and cabinets that will fit any nook or corner in your small bathroom. This type of storage can increase storage capacity without intruding into the floor space. You can also add drawers that pull out from the wall, as they serve the same purpose of providing ample storage without taking away from the room's design. Another great way to create more space is by repurposing an area by turning it into an area specifically for displaying items. For instance, you can convert a corner of your bathroom into a mini vanity area with a hand mirror, a tissue roll holder, and a shelf at the top for extra storage or displaying knick-knacks. When decorating and furnishing your small bathroom, buying pieces that are multi-functional will help you save room and money. Store clean towels in a rolling cart, hang wall hooks instead of traditional towel bars, or install sinks that include counter space and cupboards. Multi-functional pieces will not only provide more space, but they are attractive and efficient.

Lighting Strategies

In a small bathroom, lighting can drastically change the look and feel of the room. Natural light is always best and is achieved through strategic window placement – such as adding an obscured glass window over the shower to let in natural light while still maintaining privacy. Artificial lights can be installed in various places around the bathroom, including under the cabinets to create the illusion of depth. Mirrors are excellent design elements, as they have the ability to create an optical illusion of space. Placing a large mirror near a window can reflect natural light, making the room appear larger, and increase the bathroom’s overall ambiance. Mirrors can also be used to create a focal point in a small space, such as above the vanity or sink.

Color Choices

The color scheme you decide on can completely transform a small bathroom. Keep in mind that dark colors can make an area look smaller and lighter colors can visually expand the space. Cool, light colors, such as soft grey, off-white, and light blues can create an airy atmosphere in the bathroom. White also works well, but it may need to be offset with warmer colors to keep the room from looking sterile. If you want to provide extra definition to the room, a bright color or contrast of colors can make the spaces distinct. Overall, you don't need to use bold designs and bright, strong colors in order to spruce up a small bathroom. With a little extra thought and creativity, you can make your small bathroom look bigger and create an inviting atmosphere. Use our guide to help you create a small bathroom design that works in your favor.
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