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You want your living room to be the star of the show. A hit with guests that come over and an image of who you are as a person. Whether you opt for a classic style or contemporary edge, anything is possible. You can add a little pizzaz, while achieving a modern and cool look all at the same time. So, why not decorate with extra large wall art?

Introducing Extra Large Wall Art

Extra large wall art or oversized prints are vibrant decorations and design pieces. And these are gaining more popularity each day. With maximum impact on a minimum of effort, you can give your living room a great focal point. You can stay with the basic shades of grey and black to keep things low-key, or go full out and introduce bright colors into the equation. The choice is yours.

Matters in Size

With extra large wall art, size does indeed matter. You could get a large painting perhaps 6 foot wide, but the impact won’t be huge. What you want is an oversized wall art masterpiece. Something like 10ft x 10ft in size – big enough to become the focal point in any room. Even in a bigger space, if you choose the right piece, it will be able to stand out confidently. Let’s also examine how to choose the right type of oversized wall art. An extra large picture might be best enjoyed in a minimalist home. However, in a contemporary setting, think bold statement prints. These could come in the form of abstract designs or larger than life icons.

Installation Tips

The main challenge when adding extra large wall art is hanging it correctly. How you hang it can affect the overall aesthetics. You must use correct hardware at the correct distance away from the painting. Nail holes would have to be drilled in the wall taking into consideration the exact height of the artwork. Make sure you’ve measured correctly. As well as check the weight of the artwork before making any decisions on what kind of support structure you need to hang it safely. You could also enlist the help of professionals such as carpenters, art curators or interior designers. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your living room makeover is done nicely.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it how extra large wall art can change the ambiance of your living space. Go ahead and involve yourself in this type of transformation. Don’t forget large wall art is perfect for making statements in poorly furnished areas. Or even spicing up a dull living room just that one bit extra. With an abundance of choices out there that should fit most budgets, now’s the time to invest in some extra large wall art is your living room.

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