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Designing a Small Bathroom: Strategies for Big Style

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Designing a Small Bathroom: Strategies for Big Style

32 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Decorations for 2021
32 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Decorations for 2021


Designing a Small Bathroom: Strategies for Big Style

Having a small bathroom can be tough to decorate because of limited space, but there are still plenty of ways to make the room look amazing! From creative storage solutions to chic accessories, there are lots of ways to get big style out of a small bathroom. Read on for some design tips to make the most out of your small space!


Embrace Open Storage Solutions

Open shelving is a great way to maximize storage and display attractive items without taking up too much floor space. Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for holding towels or baskets to hold extra supplies. You can also use open shelving to add visual interest in the bathroom. Consider adding cuts of wood or other materials to bring texture to the room.

Hang a Statement Mirror

Mirrors are the best way to create the illusion of a larger space, but they can also be an artistic element of the bathroom too. Statement mirrors with unique shapes and frames can be hung on the wall to act as a centerpiece and frame the bathroom. This is also an easy way to add color and texture to the bathroom without taking up much space.

Show off Your Basin

The sink is usually the focal point of the bathroom so make sure it stands out! Choose a basin that’s sleek and modern with interesting details like a deep bowl or under-mount design. Adding stylish taps, a counter-top and even glass shelves for storage will really elevate the look of the sink space.

Make Use of Short Walls

When the walls are short, it’s best to make use of narrow alcoves and corners for additional storage. Cabinets and shelves built into the walls will save on floor space and provide extra storage for towels, products, and more. For added decor, try places hanging baskets of flowers or greenery to bring life to the walls.

Think Vertically for Storage

In order to make full use of the ceiling in a small bathroom, you want to think vertically when it comes to storage. Built in shelves and cabinets that stretch all the way to the ceiling can make the most use of the available space without taking up too much floor area. If you wish to keep the shelves open for a decorative touch, make sure that the items at the top are strictly for decorative purposes only.

Beat Clutter With Baskets

Baskets of all sizes and shapes are a great way to store items away while adding texture to the room. Hang colorful baskets or weave them into the shelves for an organized look. You can even use baskets to cover up any unsightly pipes or wires on the walls. This way, any extras can be tucked away without compromising on style.

Update Fixtures and Hardware

Updating fixtures and hardware is an easy way to give the bathroom a mini-makeover in no time. Choosing fixtures and fittings that are sleek and modern can instantly update the look of the room. Changing out towel hooks, faucets and door knobs are quick and easy updates that can make a big impact.

Add Wood Accents

Nothing beats the warmth of wood for adding texture and personality to a space. Whether it’s a driftwood accent piece placed on the shelf or repurposing old wood plank wall art, wood adds instant character to the bathroom. Wooden accents are especially great in coastal or natural style bathrooms.

Don't Forget The Ceiling

The ceiling usually gets neglected when it comes to design, but it can offer lots of potential! To make the most of the space, consider adding a suspended ceiling or even tiles. You can also use the white space in the bathroom to hang pendant lights for a more dramatic look.

Go Light On The Colour

To give the bathroom a feeling of openness and airiness, use light and neutral colors such as cream, beige, white, or gray. By using light colors, the walls and floors will help to reflect any natural or artificial light in the room creating a brighter atmosphere.

Accent With Accessories

Adding accessories is a great way to finish off the look of the bathroom without taking up too much space. Small decor pieces like candles, vases, and trinkets can be placed on shelves or near the sink to add a touch of personality to the room. Pick bold colors or textures to instantly bring energy to the bathroom!

Let the Natural Light In

Maximizing natural light can help make the bathroom appear larger and more inviting. Keeping the windows uncovered and clear of any excess decorations will help the airy feel of the room. If possible, adding skylights can be a great way to allow additional lighting in the room without taking up too much space. A small bathroom doesn't have to mean sacrificing on style. With just a few simple changes you can transform a cramped and cluttered space into a chic and functional room. With these design tips, you'll be able to craft your dream bathroom no matter the size!
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Making the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

Decorating and designing a small bathroom can be a tricky task. With limited space, it can be hard to maximize the available space. Whether you want to spruce up your current small bathroom or are remodeling an existing one, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your small bathroom design.

Maximizing Space and Natural Light

One key element for any small bathroom design is to maximize natural light. You can do this by painting the walls a bright color and leaving the window open if possible. This will make the room appear more spacious and provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Natural light can also reflect off of mirrors and other surfaces, making the room brighter and more inviting.

Choose Color Wisely

The color of your small bathroom design plays a huge role in how spacious the room looks. Light neutral colors, such as white, beige, and soft blues and greens, are generally the best colors for small bathrooms. These colors help create a bright and airy feel that will make the space seem larger. Dark colors, meanwhile, can make a small bathroom look even smaller.

Install Compact Fixtures

Compact fixtures are another great way to maximize space in a small bathroom. A pedestal sink, for instance, takes up less room than a standard vanity and is often easier to clean. Shower-baths are another great option for saving space as they provide both a shower and tub in one.

Use Connected Storage Options

Look for connected storage solutions when designing a small bathroom. Wall-mounted shelves are great for keeping things in order, as well as providing storage for items that don’t have a dedicated place. Open shelves are also great for adding storage and displaying items such as towels, toiletries, and decorations.

Hang Towels in Creative Places

Hanging towels in creative places is a great way to save on bathroom storage. Over-the-door towel racks, wall-mounted towel holders, or even a tiered corner stand can keep your towels off the floor and looking neat.

Install a Corner Sink

If you want to give your small bathroom a more spacious look, consider installing a corner sink. Corner sinks use up less counter space while still providing plenty of surface area for your sink needs.

Add Hooks for Storage and Hanging

Using hooks is an easy way to add additional storage and hanging options to a small bathroom. Add hooks to the walls for hanging towels or for extra storage.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Don’t forget to make the most of your vertical space. Use hangers to hang toiletries or store them in baskets or mason jars to help keep things organized. Consider adding shelves to the walls for additional storage.

Avoid Clutter

A cluttered bathroom can make the room look even smaller. Eliminating clutter is essential for making the most out of any small bathroom design. Remove anything that doesn’t have a designated spot and try to get creative with storage solutions.

Add a Touch of Luxury

Adding a touch of luxury to your small bathroom design can help make the room seem bigger and more inviting. Small touches such as new lighting fixtures, artwork, or scented candles can help make your small bathroom feel larger and more luxurious.

Remember to Ventilate

Finally, don’t forget to incorporate ventilation into your small bathroom design. It’s essential for keeping the air feeling fresh and also helps protect from mold and mildew. Installing a fan or opening a window is a great way to help keep your small bathroom feeling comfortable and inviting. Designing a small bathroom may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategies and design-savvy ideas, you can turn even the tiniest space into a beautiful and functional bathroom. Keep these tips in mind to help you make the most out of your small bathroom design.
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30 Best Small Bathroom Ideas

7 Clever Ways to Design a Stylish Small Bathroom

Are you having trouble designing a bathroom that looks stylish, and is functional for a smaller space? You may feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to design ideas, but we’re here to help with some clever tricks for designing the perfect small bathroom.

Create the Illusion of Space

One of the best ways to make a small bathroom look bigger is by making use of optical illusions. For example, if you opt for lighter colors such as white, it will reflect and amplify the light, making the room appear much bigger. Also, installing vanity mirrors that reach the ceiling will give the area an extra sense of depth. In addition, if you install more glass partitions, they will also help to make a small bathroom look much bigger.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Finding the right storage solutions for a smaller bathroom can be a major challenge. However, your search is over! If you want to make the most out of a small bathroom, make sure to incorporate hidden shelves. These shelves can be installed behind the toilet, above the bathtub, or even between the bathroom walls. You’ll be able to store all sorts of bathroom supplies and it won’t take away from the overall design.

Go Bold with Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper can have a huge impact on how a small bathroom feels. To make it look bigger without compromising design, opt for wallpapers with small patterns and subtle colors. It will create an eye-catching backdrop, without overcrowding the room and making it look too busy.

The Power of LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great way to brighten up any small bathroom. This type of lighting creates custom designs and shadows, while also illuminating the room. If you want to instantly change the look of your bathroom, LED lighting is the way to go.

Recessed Shelving

Recessed shelving is one of the most efficient storage solutions for small bathrooms. Installing recessed shelves will prevent the area from looking too cluttered. The shelving will also provide a nice focal point to the room and add a modern element to the space.

Statement Tiles

Using statement tiles can be a great way to make the most out of a small bathroom. By opting for bolder tile colors or patterns, you can draw attention away from the small size and make the room appear larger. You can also mix and match different types of tile for an eclectic look.

Skip Traditional Shower Curtains

If you want to create a more spacious look in a small bathroom, skip the traditional shower curtains and opt for sliding glass doors instead. This will immediately open up the room and give it a modern edge.

Think Outside the Sink

Another way to make a small bathroom look bigger is by opting for a unique sink instead of a traditional one. If you have enough space, you can opt for a vessel sink or even a floating sink for an eye-catching look.

Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors are a great way to make a small bathroom look bigger. Investing in accent mirrors will help reflect the light and add visual depth to the space. This can make a huge difference in how a bathroom looks and feels.

Add Plant Life

Incorporating plant life to a small bathroom can make the space much more inviting. By adding a few plants, the room will look brighter and more refreshing. Plus, plants are perfect for adding a bit of texture and personality to the area. Designing a stylish small bathroom doesn’t have to be a struggle. With these 7 clever tricks, you can easily make the most out of the limited space and create a beautiful and functional room. So don't hesitate to get creative and invest in smart design elements, as it will make a world of difference in this often overlooked area of the home.
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